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Wifi Security Checklist

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TitleWifi Security Checklist
List of Security Best Practices for Wifi
  • IdentiFi Wireless
  • General Security Practices
  • Document and maintain Serial numbers, name and location of AP, controllers and any other important wireless devices
  • Lock face plates on the hardware Wireless Appliances
  • Limit physical access to the network room or wiring closet
  • Secure access points with a Security brackets or Kensington locks
  • Change all the default passwords for the Access Points and Wireless Appliances
  • Disable SSH/Telnet access to all access points
  • To improve wireless efficiency controllers will typically perform Proxy ARP on behalf of the associated users. The topology should be provisioned with “Strict Subnet Adherence”  so as to prevent the controller from learning user IP addresses outside of the operational subnet
  • Setup RADIUS authentication to the Wireless Appliance GUI or CLI
  • RADIUS authenticate the port on a switch where the Access Point is connected
  • Enable SNMPV3 access only on the Wireless Appliance
  • Separate the management network from the user data network
  • Enable secure tunnel which will encrypt the data from the Access Point to Wireless Appliance when the access point is at a remote location
  • Install Access Points on their own network segments
  • Enforce networks access through the Extreme Networks Network Access Control solution
  • Use Policy Roles for internal users and Guest Registration to limit guest user network access to only required resources
  • Employee users should authenticate via 802.1x TLS
  • BYOD users should use 802.1x PEAP or Guest Registration with a Policy Roles allowing access to only necessary resources
  • Use WPA2-AES (CCMP) security encryption because it is the only recommended encryption, all other methods are less secure
  • WEP, WPA-TKIP (auto) must NOT be used at all!!!
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