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Will VDX login banner allow a user to cut and paste content?

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TitleWill VDX login banner allow a user to cut and paste content?

VDX login banner will not allow cut and paste due to carriage returns.


VDX CLI is obviously different from other IP products, and the login banner we support is different from the MOTD banner in other products.However, VDXhas thefollowing option, which will allow multi-line login banners:

ESC+m in our CLI turns on the multi-line mode, and allows multiple lines of input to be given for any command.
Please see an example given below:
sw0(config)# banner login---> After giving the login banner command, press ESC+m ---> This will move the user into multi-line mode and allow multiple lines
[Entering multi-line mode, exit with ctrl-D.]
> banner login line1
> line2
> line3
> line4

You are now able to cut and paste the banner content.
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