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enable stacking-support command does not exist for X450-G2

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Titleenable stacking-support command does not exist for X450-G2
Can you configure  enable stacking-support for X450-G2?
  • Summit X450-G2
  • Exos 16.1
  • Summit X450-G2 has V84 ports at the back , these are not normal 40Gig ports and cannot be used for anything else other than stacking. Hence the stacking-support command is not required and is not available.
  • From show stacking-support ,  stacking-support is disabled . Which is normal output.
  • Stacking is successful without enabling stacking-support .
# sh stacking-support

Stack    Available Ports
Port    Native  Alternate  Configured  Current
-----   -----------------  ----------  ----------
1       Yes     27 *       Alternate   Alternate
2       Yes     28 *       Alternate   Alternate
stacking-support:          Disabled    N/A

Additional notes
Stacking-support is only required on platforms where the stacking ports are also used for normal network ports .



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