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link flapping with specific Asus 10Gb SFP+ NIC

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Titlelink flapping with specific Asus 10Gb SFP+ NIC
I am seeing link flaps using an  Asus PEB-10G/57840-2T 10GbE SFP+ NIC.
Is this caused by the NIC or the switch?
  • Asus 10Gb NIC
  • EXOS
  • EOS
The flapping could only be seen when using 10Gb link speed. When manually setting the NIC to 1Gb link speed did not show this behavior.

At the time of writing this article the issue is being investigated by Asus.
As a test to prove that this behavior is caused by the NIC we connected two of these NIC ports directly together and the flapping also was seen, proving that the issue is not caused by the switch.
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