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Why Start with the Right Serial Number?

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TitleWhy Start with the Right Serial Number?
Why is it important to provide the correct serial number when creating your case online?

GTAC must verify your service level entitlement for each case to determine if your product is covered by a maintenance agreement or a hardware warranty.

By providing the correct product serial number or entitlement id during case submission, the entire resolution process gets streamlined.  You'll avoid multiple interactions with GTAC to gather the needed information to verify entitlement. This can help the support team assist you with the technical issue faster.

For hardware replacement requests, providing the correct serial number is essential to determine the fastest delivery options for your pending RMA.  Accurate service level entitlements will ensure you get the replacement equipment in timely manner.

The new portal streamlines the capture of Service Level information for cases during case creation.  This is done through three support case types:
  • Diagnose and Resolve an Issue
  • Request a Hardware Replacement (RMA)
  • Ask a Question

In the Diagnose and Resolve an Issue and Ask a Question case options, the serial number can be searched for by Contract Number or entered directly.

For RMA cases, the serial number must be entered directly. Please note that you can submit multiple serial numbers in the same RMA case. If you are a partner, you can submit multiple RMA's in one case, with different shipping addresses so long as they are all for the same end customer account.

If you have trouble with finding your serial number / entitlement id during case creation, the online case creation process allows you to continue with creating the case. In this situation GTAC will work with you to try to gather information to determine your service level and offer a per incident service agreement or other options.
Additional notes

See the GTAC User Guide (Extreme Portal)  for more details 

To submit an RMA or create a case for GTAC go to



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