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Where can I find a wing AP user guide?

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TitleWhere can I find a wing AP user guide?
Where can I find a wing AP user guide? 
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  • AP
  • AP505i
  • AP510e
  • AP510i
  • AP560h
  • AP560i
  • AP560m
  • AP560t
  • AP560u
  • AP7522
  • AP7532
  • AP7562
  • AP7602
  • AP7612
  • AP7622
  • AP7632
  • AP7632i
  • AP7662i
  • AP7662
  • AP8163
  • AP8432
  • AP8533

All the WiNG software guides are located here:  ExtremeWireless WiNG Software

We release firmware version-specific documentation, to change the firmware click on the firmware version as illustrated inthe below screenshot. 

User-added image

Please note: we do not have a user guide per AP.
only install guide & quick reference guides are per AP.
Additional notes
You can find all the extreme product documentation in the below link:



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