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Extreme Management Center - Licensing Errors

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TitleExtreme Management Center - Licensing Errors
  • The "License Error" pop up appears.
  • The license text entered was not accepted.  Some possible reasons include:
            - The license is an obsolete license (starts with INCREMENT).
            - The license is for a different product.
            - More that one license is present.  A single license begins with a number and ends with ==.
            - The license has expired.
            - The text contains extra characters or is missing characters
            - An evaluation license was entered and one already exists.
            - Evaluation license is being used again after failing compliance requirements
 - The account name contains non-alphanumeric characters.
  • Extreme Management Center (XMC, formerly NetSight)
  • Licensing
This error is caused by one of the following issues: 
  1. There are extra characters in the license key string. Check to make sure there are no extra characters at the beginning of the license key, and that the key ends in == with no trailing space.
  2. The time on the NetSight server is incorrect. If the time on the NetSight server is before the creation date of the license it will not apply correctly.
  3. The license key is incorrect, or not complete.
  4. The license key was generated associated to an account whose account name has non-alphanumeric characters or foreign character keycodes.

SCENARIO 1 - General Licensing Issues 

  • Re-copy the license key from the Extranet and paste it into notepad and verify the key starts with 0001 and ends with ==. Make sure there are no extra spaces or characters. Re-copy this key from notepad and enter it into the NetSight license prompt. Make sure there are not extra characters again. 
  • Check the time and date on the NetSight server and verify it's correct. 
  • Verify the license is being applied in the correct manner. There are two places to apply licenses based on type. See NAC Troubleshooting Tips: Licensing overview and common issues for information on where to apply the different types.

SCENARIO 2 - Licenses w/ Non-Alphanumeric Characters

  • For non-working licenses generated against accounts whose account name has non-alphanumeric characters please open a GTAC support case to resolve.
Additional notes
For additional licensing information see article: NAC Troubleshooting Tips: Licensing overview and common issues



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