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Renumber Stack Units on ERS 4800 Platform

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TitleRenumber Stack Units on ERS 4800 Platform
  • Power Outage led to stack reset. After the stack was restored, it was observed that the stack numbering got disturbed. 
  • Customer asked about the method of re-numbering stack units.
  • ERS 4800
  • All SW Versions

Stack numbering was disturbed.


1) How to manually change switch numbering.

There is a selector switch on the back of each switch near the cascade/stack ports. We set this to "Base" for the switch we want as base, The switch that is "down" stream of the base is unit 2, the next is unit 3 and so on. The last switch is then connected back to the base to complete the redundant stacking loop.

Use the command "blink-leds" to have the switches (through the port LEDs) display which are unit 1, 2, 3, etc.

2) In the main menu (console to the switch) we can go to "Renumber Stack Units"

Current Unit Number MAC Address New Unit
------------------- ---------------------------- ---------------
1 e0-26-36-dd-3c-00 [ 1 ]
2 00-14-c7-c1-54-00 [ 2 ]
3 00-14-c7-bf-34-00 [ 3 ]
4 00-1b-ba-bb-b4-00 [ 4 ]
5 00-14-c7-c1-8c-00 [ 5 ]

3) Via CLI command

4850GTS-PWR+#conf t
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
4850GTS-PWR+(config)#renumber ?
  unit  Renumber unit numbers in a stack
4850GTS-PWR+(config)#renumber unit ?
  | Apply pipe filter

The above steps should be performed in downtime as it leads to whole stack being reset.


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