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Traffic being dropped and/or slow file transfer speeds

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TitleTraffic being dropped and/or slow file transfer speeds
  • Dropped On No Resource counters are incrementing
  • File transfer speeds are slower than expected
Ethernet Routing Switch 4000 / 5000 and VSP 7000 running any software version.

A few potential reasons are:

  • Incorrect queue set settings
  • Incorrect port speed / duplex or mismatching speeds / duplex between switch and neighbor
  • Auto-tuning feature which might have been enabled
  • Hardware issue with the ports or switch itself.

Please try steps below to resolve the issue:

  • Decrease the queue set value on the switch (e.g. try changing the Queue set from 4 to Queue set 2, which is more buffer efficient with larger buffers)
  • Verify port speed / duplex and manually set them or use auto-negotiation if needed 
  • Disable auto-tuning on the Windows 7 / 10 machines
  • Check / change cables and review port stats on switch for FCS errors or any sign of potential hardware failure

On the switch try decreasing the queue set value:
Step 1: Enter global configuration mode:

1. Type enable
2. Type
configure terminal

Step 2: Change the queue set value:

1. Type qos agent buffer maximum 
2. Type qos agent oper-mode enable
3. Type qos agent queue-set 2

Note: "qos agent buffer maximumallows for maximum amount of resource sharing
Note:  This may queue you for a restart of the switch before the configuration takes hold

Check port speed and duplex are correct:
1. Type show interfaces admin-enabled
Unit          Status                    Auto                        Flow
Port Trunk Admin   Oper Link LinkTrap Negotiation  Speed   Duplex Control
---- ----- ------- ---- ---- -------- ----------- -------- ------ -------
1/1        Enable  Up   Up   Enabled  Enabled     1000Mbps Full   Asymm

If speed and duplex are not correct, you can manually set the them or use auto-negotiation:
Step 1: Enter global configuration mode:
1. Type enable
2. Type configure terminal

Step 2: Manually set speed and duplex:
1. Type interface ethernet <port>
(choose which port speed you need)
2. Type speed ?
10     10 Mbps
100    100 Mbps
1000   1000 Mbps (1 Gig)
10000  10000 Mbps (10 Gigs)
auto   Autonegotiate port speed
port   Select port for operation
3. Type duplex ? (choose which duplex setting you need)
auto  Automatically detect duplex mode
full  Full-duplex mode
half  Half-duplex mode
port  Select port for operation

If that does not work, use auto-negotiation:
1. Type auto-negotiation-advertisements add ?  (choose which you'd like to advertise to neighbor device)
10-full            Advertise 10Mbps full-duplex
10-half            Advertise 10Mbps half-duplex
100-full           Advertise 100Mbps full-duplex
100-half           Advertise 100Mbps half-duplex
1000-full          Advertise 1000Mbps full-duplex
asymm-pause-frame  Advertise use of asymmetric pause frames
none               Do not advertise anything during auto-negotiation
Additional notes
"To disable the Receive Window Auto-Tuning feature for HTTP traffic, follow these steps:
  1. Log on to the computer as a user who has administrative credentials.
  2. Click Start, type runas /user: local_computer_name\administrator cmd in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER.
  3. When you are prompted for the administrator account password, type the correct password, and then press ENTER.
  4. At the command prompt, type the following command, and then press ENTER:
    netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled
  5. Exit the Command Prompt window.
  6. Restart the computer."



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