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Avaya 8120 APs aren't registering with the wireless controller

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TitleAvaya 8120 APs aren't registering with the wireless controller

WLAN 8120 access points not being discovered, managed after a new WLAN 8180 controller was installed.

Controller was replaced, and APs are not managed by new controller.

Access points are not recognized by the new controller. The binary configuration was saved from original controller and loaded into the new controller.

In the wireless log file following messages may be observed:

Jan  1 00:43:37 CRIT    Wireless Controller is standalone, AP <MAC> IP <address> not allowed to join.

  • WLAN 8100

The mobility domain configuration is missing.


Configure the mobility domain on the new controller.

1. Make the controller MDC Capable.

WC8180(config-wireless)#controller mdc-capable
% Domain password should be between 10-15 characters long.
% Password must contain a minimum of 2 upper, 2 lowercase letters
% 2 numbers and 2 special characters like !@#$%^&*()

Enter domain password: **********
Verify Domain password: **********

2. Create and join the domain.

WC8180#wireless controller join-domain domain-name <Name> mdc-address <interface IP address of the WLC>
Enter Domain Secret: **********
Use 'show wireless controller domain-membership' to see join status.

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