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ERS 86/8800: How to change from STP to RSTP

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TitleERS 86/8800: How to change from STP to RSTP
  • When making this change it will require the changing of the boot flag parameter "spanning-tree-mode" from "default" to "rstp"
  • To activate the RSTP flag a reboot of the switch will have to be conducted
  • Changing only the RSTP flag parameter will result in the loss of all VLANs on the switch
  • The loss of all VLANs is due to syntax used to provision VLANs in default STP mode is not compatible with RSTP mode and as a result the VLANs are deleted
  • ERS 86/8800
  • All versions
  •  Protocol conversion
  • In order to convert existing ERS 8600 configurations from STP to RSTP requires reconfiguration of VLANs from byport <stg> to byport mstprstp 0
  • To apply these changes the following steps should be followed to ensure proper conversion and the ability to easily drop back
  • Archive original boot configuration and runtime configuration files 
This can be achieved by backing up the boot.cfg and config.cfg to the PCMCIA card. Example from CLI
copy /flash/boot.cfg /pcmcia/backup_boot.cfg
  • Modify the boot configuration flag "spanning-tree-mode" from "default" to "rstp" and save the boot configuration
    config bootconfig flags spanning-tree-mode rstp
    save boot.cfg
  • Modify the runtime configuration file to change each VLAN to the RSTP syntax
    vlan 3 create byport 2 name "CallP"
    vlan 3 create byport-mstprstp 0 name "CallP"
  • Reboot the switch to activate RSTP flag
Additional notes
  • When using JDM 6.0.9 a warning message will be displayed indicating the need to change the syntax of the VLAN config. In addition this message will also be seen from the CLI prompt
Warning: Please carefully save your configuration files before starting configuring the switch in RSTP or MSTP mode.
The syntax used to create VLANs in any of these new modes is NOT COMPATIBLE with the default mode (STP)
  • For additional information regarding concepts related to STP and RSTP, and also configuration of STP, RSTP please see document "Nortel Ethernet Routing Switch 8600 4.1: Configuring VLANs, Spanning Tree, and Link Aggregation, pages 42-52, 323-360



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