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ERS 4800 Stops Delivering PoE Power On All Ports With PoE Module Firmware Displaying Error "15.15.15" or "15.15.15B"

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TitleERS 4800 Stops Delivering PoE Power On All Ports With PoE Module Firmware Displaying Error "15.15.15" or "15.15.15B"
  • All ports on a unit or a specific unit within a stack stops providing PoE power. PoE Module Firmware Displays 15.15.15, 15.15.15B or blank.
  • System information obtained via the show tech or show sys-info command returns 15.15.15, 15.15.15B or blank as the PoE module firmware version.
  • show poe-port-status command returns "% Internal error" or "% Wrong value".
  • show poe-port-status commend returns a current status of "Overload" and Classification of "Error".
  • show poe-power-measurement on the impacted port displays no volt, current or wattage.
  • Bouncing the PoE on the impacted port(s) returns % Cannot modify settings, % commitFailed 1.
  • Executing any Poe related outputs will take ample time to display.
  • ERS 4800 switches with HW revisions 12 and later did not display the above mentioned symptoms. HW revision 12 and later contain PoE equipment that provides greater EOS protection in an environment experiencing severe EOS issues.
  • Issue does not occur with PoE+ units

4850GTS-PWR+#show sys-info
System Information:
        Operation Mode:       Stack, Unit # 1
        Size Of Stack:        3
        Base Unit:            1
        MAC Address:          aa-aa-aa-aa-aa-aa
        PoE Module FW:        15.15.15

4850GTS-PWR+#show poe-port-status
Admin      Current                               Limit           
Port Status     Status              Classification   (Watts) Priority
---- -------    -----------------   --------------   ------- --------
% Internal error

4850GTS-PWR#show poe-port-status 
      Admin      Current                               Limit
Port  Status     Status              Classification   (Watts)  Priority
----  -------    -----------------   --------------   -------  --------
1     Enable     Overload                Error        32       Low 

4850GTS-PWR#(config-if)#poe poe-shutdown
% Cannot modify settings
% commitFailed 1

4850GTS-PWR#show poe-power-measurement
Unit/Port  Volt(V)  Current(mA)   Power(Watt)
---------  -------  -----------   ---------------
1/1        0.0      0             0.000
1/2        0.0      0             0.000
1/3        0.0      0             0.000
1/4        0.0      0             0.000 


Ethernet Routing Switch 4850GTS-PWR  running any supported software version and hardware revision 1-10.

Issue is due to a hardware limitation.


Replace the defective ERS4800 switch

Note: If the PoE module FW displays a valid firmware version yet the show poe-port-status and show poe-power-measurement return the same errors.The PoE Module may just be locked. In this scenario, a cold boot of the impacted unit restore the PoE functionality. Below steps to be followed to further diagnosis

1. Cold boot the impacted unit to see if it revives the PoE module. If after a cold boot the PoE firmware still reads 15.15.15 or 15.15.15B the PoE module is no longer responsive thus the impacted unit will have to be replaced. Ensure the replacement unit(s) are hardware version 12 and later.
2. Obtain time and date of when PoE had failed.
3. Always obtain a copy of the show tech to obtain hardware model, hardware revision, serial numbers, software version, firmware version, PoE firmware version, log file and LLDP neighbor information.
4. Collect the port statistics using the command show port-statistics to check for FCS errors.
5. Collect show mac-address-table to identify MAC on the suspect ports and use MAC in a MAC search to identify the device.
6. It is important to review the system log to obtain information on the last port that came up or had been provided PoE power right before the unit stopped providing PoE power to all ports. These will be the suspect ports in which the electrostatic discharge derived from.
7. Collect information on the type of device connected to the suspect ports. (IP phone, IP cameras, indoor/outdoor Wireless access points, make and model numbers etc.) 
8. Obtain information if any other power source has been connected to PoE devices on the suspect ports (e.g. AC power, PoE power injector).
9. Obtain information on the number of PoE devices connected to the impacted unit.
10. Obtain information if there are any physical changes performed on the impacted unit (eg. moving cables)

NOTE: Additional information as to why the PoE Module Firmware Version Displays 15.15.15 when the PoE Module is no longer responsive:
The PoE module is a daughter board attached to the mother board. The system extracts the PoE firmware version information off the PoE module. When the PoE module is unresponsive the system will return F.F.F in Hexadecimal with is 15.15.15 in decimal. Users can attempt to reload the PoE Firmware image to device. If reloading the PoE firmware fails or if the issue still persists then proceed with replacing the suspect unit.

Example of PoE firmware reload failing on a compromised PoE module:
4850GTS-PWR+#download usb poe_module_image 4000_poeplus_410b4.bin
Downloading Image.
Downloading Image.
Saving Image       [|]
Saving Image       [|]% Programming new image failed

PSN004441rs POE Best Practices Document.pdf

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