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POE Firmware Update May Fail On Stacks Or Standalone Units

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TitlePOE Firmware Update May Fail On Stacks Or Standalone Units
  • POE firmware update failing to download and apply to stack of switches or standalone units
  • Test 301 failed "Bad Firmware" message seen on console during reboot immediately after PoE firmware was updated
Test 301  POE    Contact  -    FAILED
POE  Status: Bad Firmware:  AF00E121 00E12114 000000C7
  • POE devices on one or more units may return error for POE power class after updating PoE firmware
ERS#show poe-port-status
Unit Admin    Current                  Limit            Power-up   
Port Status   Status            Class (Watts) Priority  Mode       
---- -------  ----------------- ----- ------- --------  -----------

3/1  Enable   Detecting         Error 32      Low       802.3at     
3/2  Enable   Detecting         Error 32      Low       802.3at
  • POE port functionality may randomly disable on one or more units after updating PoE firmware
  • Reboot of unit or stack may temporarily resolve POE ports disabled, but POE may randomly become disabled again
  • Multiple download attempts of POE firmware downloaded/applied to stack of switches may resolve
  • Downgrade to previous POE firmware may resolve
  • Table Index: <index number>, Entry not in use messages may display when executing CLI commands.
ERS# show running-config
Table index: 110
Entry not in use

Table index: 111
Entry not in use
  • ERS 4900/5900
  • SW:v7.6.0.007 and earlier
Software defect ERS495900-5147
Fixed in release 7.6.1

If upgrading to 7.6.1 release:
  1. Download new firmware (if applicable) and use no-reset option
  2. Download new software and reboot switch/stack
  3. Upgrade POE firmware to (switch/stack will reboot automatically)
Additional notes
RMA the switch if either of the following conditions exists:
  • POE failure during POST (Power On Self Test)
  • Repeated attempts to update POE firmware fail when on software release 7.6.1 or greater



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