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QSFP+ to QSFP+ DAC cable is showing Vendor as INVALID

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TitleQSFP+ to QSFP+ DAC cable is showing Vendor as INVALID
  • QSFP+ is up and properly passing traffic.
  • Issue is cosmetic only in nature.
  • Output from a  "show pluggable-optical-modules detail" command reports the following:
Pluggable Optical Module Info 2/1 Detail 

Port: 2/1 
Type: 40GbCR4 
DDM Supported : FALSE 
Vendor : INVALID Partnumber : AA1404031-E6 
Vendor REV : A Vendor SN : 14CN24600248 
Vendor Date : 06/19/14 
Cable Length : 3 m 
Digital Diagnostic Interface Not Supported 
  • Output from a "show logging file" command reports the following:
2018-06-15T20:25:57.402Z VSP7200Unten CP1 - 0x000e0598 - 00000000 GlobalRouter HAL INFO GBIC inserted in slot 2 Port 1 Type:40GbCR4 Vendor:INVALID 
2018-06-15T20:25:57.214Z VSP7200Unten IO1 - 0x0011c52f - 00000000 GlobalRouter COP-SW ERROR Port: 2/1 Check sum Error in QSFP+/QSFP28. Calculated: 0x3d Present: 0x3 
  • Virtual Services Platform 7200
  • Card Type 7254XSQ
  • Code version
  • QSFP+ Part # AA1404031-E6
  • QSFP+ Part # AA1404029-E6
Root cause has been determined to be a Hardware issue.
Replace the QSFP+ via the RMA process.
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