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Stack forced-mode is not working

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TitleStack forced-mode is not working
  • Stack forced-mode is not working on a standalone switch.
  • The standalone switch is not using the assigned stack IP address.
  • ERS 4950
  • SW 7.6
There was not a (2) unit stack in place that was broken. Since that event did not take place, the stack mode will continue to state -
#show stack forced-mode 
Forced-Stack Mode: Enabled 
Device is not currently running in forced stack mode. 
Stack forced mode does not become active until there is a stack in place that has broken. Once that happens, then stack forced mode will activate on the standalone switch. The standalone switch will operate in a stacking operation, where the stack IP becomes active. 

If there was not a stack in place prior to an outage, where the units are both in standalone and did not have an opportunity to form a stack, then the switch will not use the stack IP and will not enter stack forced mode. This is normal operation. As a workaround, you can set up each unit with a switch IP for remote access.
Additional notes
Configuring Systems on Ethernet Routing Switch 4900 and 5900 Series Release 7.6 
Release 7.6 
May 2018



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