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Random EAPOL Ports Changing Administrative State To Force Unauthorized

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TitleRandom EAPOL Ports Changing Administrative State To Force Unauthorized
  • Random ports across multiple stacks have their EAPOL (Extensible Authentication Protocol Over LAN) administrative status changed to Force Unauthorized
  • Port interface state shows operationally down
  • Ports affected have MAC Security enabled
  • Log messages seen when a port is affected
I    2    2018-08-24 16:08:21 GMT-05:00 39       EAP: Reached MAC intruder count on Unit: 2 Port: 4 
I    2    2018-08-24 16:08:21 GMT-05:00 40       EAP: Mac Intruder - Unit: 2 Port: 4 MAC: aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff
  • ERS 4800
  • All supported releases
  • Product is functioning as designed.
  • Cause due to Microsoft SCCM feature Wake On LAN Proxy
  • Wake On LAN Proxy spoofs the MAC address of hosts that are sleeping which can cause MAC Security enabled ports to become disabled (seen as Force Unauthorized state)
  • Port must be administratively disabled then enabled
  • Avoid using 3rd party vendor Wake On LAN proxy features when switch ports are MAC Security enabled
Additional notes
See Microsoft article on planning/using Wake On LAN Proxy for additional info and warnings on its use



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