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Packet loss in 4 MLX switches

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TitlePacket loss in 4 MLX switches
  • BGP sessions flapping across a VPLS connection
  • Unable to ping across VPLS
  • ARP reply dropped on ingress to VPLS end point
  • Local MAC address not learned by VPLS
  • Line card needs to be power cycled to restore connectivity
  • MLXe
  • NetIron OS 6.0.00e code
  • BR-MLX-10Gx8-X module
Suspect packet drops may be occurring at the TM NIF, the interface between the packet processor (XPP) and the traffic manager (TM).  If this issue occurs again, please log the output of the commands below:

MP Commands

show clock detail
show tech
show interfaces ethernet <slot/port>     
! for ingress <slot/port>
show stat eth <slot/port>
show tm stat eth <slot/port>
show np stat eth <slot/port>
dm pstat
show tm log
ipc show statistics
show emac detail
show sfm log     
! Check SFM status and for fabric errors
show tm non-empty-queues detail     ! Check which queues are occupied for packet processing 
show sfm all all queue-occupancy     
! 2 times
show sfm all all statistics drop     ! 2 times
show sfm-utilization all     ! 2 times
show sfm-links all errors
ronsole <slot/port>

LP<slot no.> Commands
dm pstats
show packet-buffer pbif
dm xpp reason-log show     
! Check for reason for XPP packet drops
ipc show statistics
show tm stats all-counters 0
show tm stats all-counters 1
debug packet capture include src-port me/<port no.>
dm tm nif 0     
! 2 times
dm tm nif 1     ! 2 times
diag tm nif dump 0 0     ! 2 times
diag tm nif dump 0 1     ! 2 times
diag tm nif dump 1 0     ! 2 times
diag tm nif dump 1 1     ! 2 times
dm packet xpp
dm packet xpp update 0     
! 2 times
dm packet xpp update 1     ! 2 times
show tm inter 0
show tm inter 1
clear tm interrupts 0
clear tm interrupts 1
show tm inter 0
show tm inter 1
dm monitor

LP<slot no.>-OS Commands
Press <RETURN> to scroll to end of output
tsec 0 show     ! 3 times
tsec 1 show     ! 3 times
show tsec stat     ! 3 times
Power cycle line card to restore connectivity
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