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SLX9140 crashed after configuring IP helper

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TitleSLX9140 crashed after configuring IP helper
  • SLX9140 crashed after configuring IP helper
  • ip dhcp relay address <IP address> configured on a VE interface
  • messages below appear in RASLOGs:
2018/10/30-18:21:03:950563, [HASM-1200], 2966085/7398, FFDC, WARNING, SLX9140, Detected termination of process iphelpd:5015., hasm_swd.c, line: 187, comp:iphelpd, ltime:2018/10/30-18:21:03:950391
2018/10/30-18:21:03:959476, [RAS-1001], 2966087/7399,, INFO, SLX9140, First failure data capture (FFDC) event occurred., ffdcd.c, line: 1086, comp:raslogd, ltime:2018/10/30-18:21:03:959362
2018/10/30-18:21:04:053428, [HASM-1000], 2966089/7400,, CRITICAL, SLX9140, Daemon iphelp terminated. System initiated reload/failover for recovery., hasm_atom.c, line: 1122, comp:hasmd, ltime:2018/10/30-18:21:04:051161
  • BR-SLX-9140
  • SLX OS 17s.1.02b code
  • IP helper configuration
DEFECT000646799 (DHCP client relay frames are dropped in the switch)
Upgrade code to 18s.1.01. 
Additional notes
The root cause is due to transit DHCP packets with a high byte sized payload (greater than 576 bytes, including IP and UDP header).  The packet gets trapped to the CPU; gets processed in software; and causes memory corruption, which leads to the crash.  The fix addresses this issue by modifying some hardware programming logic to prevent transit DHCP packets from hitting the CPU.



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