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Axis-q1647-le camera reports not enough power

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TitleAxis-q1647-le camera reports not enough power
Axis-q1647-le camera reports "Not enough power" when connected to switch but no functional issues are reported with camera:
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ERS 4800 Running all supported software
Exact cause is unknown. We do know the issue (outside of the switch showing power failure) is with the Axis camera.
Review switch poe commands to confirm the switch is configured to provide the appropriate power levels -802.3af or 802.3at (802.3af will show "legacy")
1. Type enable
2. Type show poe-main-status
4850GTS-PWR+#show poe-main-status
PoE Main Status - Unit# 1
Available DTE Power        : 855 Watts
DTE Power Status           : Normal
DTE Power Consumption      : 0 Watts
DTE Power Usage Threshold  : 80 %
PD Detect Type             : 802.3at

Confirm the port is providing poe and it's at the needed power level
1. Type show poe-port-status
4850GTS-PWR+#show poe-port-status
Unit Admin    Current                  Limit            Power-up
Port Status   Status            Class (Watts) Priority  Mode
---- -------  ----------------- ----- ------- --------  -----------
1/1  Enable   Detecting           0   32      Low       802.3af
1/2  Enable   Detecting           0   32      Low       802.3af
1/3  Enable   Detecting           4   32      Low       802.3af
1/4  Enable   Detecting           2   32      Low       802.3af

Confirm the power levels per port
1. Type show poe-power-measurement 
4850GTS-PWR+#show poe-power-measurement
Unit/Port  Volt(V)  Current(mA)   Power(Watt)
---------  -------  -----------   ---------------
1/1        0.0      0             0.000
1/2        0.0      0             0.000
1/3        0.0      0             0.000
1/4        0.0      0             0.000

If switch is showing the correct global and port configuration are applied and the correct poe port levels are being supplied, the issue is with the Axis camera.

Additional notes
Camera datasheet recommends using an Axis midspan PoE switch for these cameras:

"Axis recommends the use of Axis midspans of Axis PoE

Moving camera to another working poe switch, the same reports are seen on the camera. Both switches tested provide stable power to all other poe end device types.



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