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"Insufficient resources available to create IP" When Configuring IP Address

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Title"Insufficient resources available to create IP" When Configuring IP Address
  • The switch returns an error when trying to add ip address to a VLAN
VSP:1(config)#interface vlan 252 
VSP:1(config-if)#ip address 

Error: Insufficient resources available to create IP.
  • A log message is written to system log
1 2019-04-01T16:29:19.082Z VSP CP1 - 0x0003c986 - 00000000 GlobalRouter IP INFO rcIpAddrTblConsistencyCheck: Insufficient resources to create IP Shared resources by IP/IPV6, VRRP, RSMLT and L3VSN instances exhausted.
  • Switch has 254 VLAN ip addresses and 252 VRRP addresses configured
  • VSP 7200
  • VOSS
  • Product functioning as designed based on published scaling limits for IP interfaces for VSP 7200
  • The sum of both is 254+252=506, which is the max limit of VSP 7200
Reduce configured IP interfaces and/or review overall network design
Additional notes
For more information, review scaling limits in VOSS 7.1 Release notes on pages 26-27



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