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SNMP and EDM Access May Fail Intermittently When USB Drive Left Inserted In Switch

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TitleSNMP and EDM Access May Fail Intermittently When USB Drive Left Inserted In Switch
  • Attempts to connect to switch using EDM (Enterprise Device Manager) via web browser may hang with "Discovering Device, Please wait"... and "failed in DiscoverUnits"
Screen capture of EDM error
  • Switch may also fail to respond to SNMP requests from SNMP management station
  • USB drive inserted in USB port on switch
  • Attempts to list files on USB drive may timeout and/or return error % USB host port is busy
  • Output of show ip netstat indicates Recv-Q at 200000 for UDP port 161 (SNMP)
Proto Recv-Q Send-Q  Local Address         Foreign Address       State      
----- ------ ------  --------------------- --------------------- -----------
TCP        0      0              LISTEN     
TCP        0      0               LISTEN     
TCP       53      0     CLOSED     
TCP        0    664     ESTABLISHED
UDP   200000      0             
UDP        0      0             
UDP        0      0            
UDP        0      0            
  • After condition occurs, if USB drive physically removed sometimes SNMP Recv-Q may not clear and CLI command show usb-files will still return % USB host port is busy indicating a deadlock condition.
  • Rebooting switch/stack will temporarily resolve issue if USB drive left inserted
  • ERS 4800
  • All supported releases
USB drive physically installed in USB port on switch
Physically remove the USB drive from switch when not actively using
Additional notes
  • Disabling the USB port on switch instead of physical removing of drive is not recommended
  • For more information please review page 3 Known Limitations in ERS 4800 5.12.3 release notes



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