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Terminal data being periodically overwritten during output.

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TitleTerminal data being periodically overwritten during output.
  • Terminal data being periodically overwritten during output
  • Execution of the following commands will trigger this issue:
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  • BR-SLX-9540-24S
  • SLX OS 18r.1.00b code
  • Console CLI
SLXOS-39319 (On the serial console, user observes output overwritten and becoming unreadable)
Upgrade to 18r.1.00c (when it is released).

If the issue is still present after upgrading to 18r.1.00c, set the window size using the console command from the Linux shell as shown below:

     console -h <window height> -w <window width>

For example, if the current window size is 132 characters x 43 lines:

SLX# start-shell
2019/05/09-22:31:54, [SH-1001], 2158, M2 | Active, INFO, SLX9850-4,  Event: SLXVM Linux shell login information: User [admin]. Login Time : Thu May  9 22:31:54 2019 
Entering Linux shell for the user: admin
[admin@SLX]# console -h 43 -w 132

Additional notes
As a workaround, use SSH or telnet to connect to the SLX.  The issue is not present via either of these methods.




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