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VDX6740 Switch Receiving FABS-5023 and BL-5282 errors on ports that were shut down

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TitleVDX6740 Switch Receiving FABS-5023 and BL-5282 errors on ports that were shut down
  • FABS-5023 and BL-5282 errors were reported in the errdumpall output
2019/04/26-09:30:19:755174, [FABS-5023], 1915747/0, SW/1 | Active, WARNING, VDX6740, fabsys_sfp_i2c_get_all: Media Data validation failed: OID 0x43018006 unit 0 port 6 cmd 33 rc 1, OID:0x43018006, fabsys_i2c.c, line: 1007, comp:module-182-th, ltime:2019/04/26-09:30:19:752755
2019/04/26-09:30:19:756168, [BL-5282], 1915748/0, SW/1 | Active, WARNING, VDX6740, Data access error on SFP in Slot 0/Port 7 (0). Try reseating or replacing it., OID:0x43018006, blade_media.c, line: 875, comp:emd, ltime:2019/04/26-09:30:19:752979
  • Reported on ports 7, 20, 22 and 25
  • All of these ports were shutdown
interface TenGigabitEthernet 1/0/7
 fabric isl enable
 fabric trunk enable
  • No SFP's were inserted in to these ports
  • VDX6740 switch
  • NOS 7.2.0a
Engineering states that if we remove media when port is admin shut, the media details will not update to blade driver, hence blade driver keep sending read calls.
Blade driver will not send query once it gets updated current media details (by enabling the port).
These ports were enabled (no shutdown), the customer waited for a minute and then disabled (shutdown) the ports to stop the messages.
This enabling and disabling (if desired) is engineering's recommendation to stop these errors as well.
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