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Power Supply Shows Unavailable In "show sys-info" and "show poe-main-status" Output

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TitlePower Supply Shows Unavailable In "show sys-info" and "show poe-main-status" Output
  • Power supply shows Unavailable when show sys-info or show poe-main-status executed
4950GTS-PWR+#show sys-info
2019-05-17 12:06:19 GMT-04:00    UTC time: 2019-05-17 16:06:19

Operation Mode:        Switch
Enhanced Secure Mode:  Disabled
MAC Address:           C4-BE-D4-82-60-00
PoE Module FW:
Reset Count:           1061
Last Reset Type:       Power Cycle
Power Supply 1:        Unavailable
Power Supply 2:        Unavailable
Power Status :         1- Not Present 2- Not Present
Autotopology:          Enabled
Pluggable Port 49:     SX
Pluggable Port 50:     SX
Base Unit Selection:   Base unit using rear-panel switch
sysDescr:              Ethernet Routing Switch 4950GTS-PWR+
                       HW:01       FW:   SW:v7.6.2.019
                       Mfg Date:20160315    HW Dev:none
Serial #:              16OL13600241
Operational Software:  FW:   SW:v7.6.2.019
Installed software:    FW:   SW:v7.6.2.019
Operational license:   Base Software
Installed license:     Base Software
sysUpTime:             9 days, 23:57:25
sysNtpTime:            2019-05-17 12:06:19 GMT-04:00
sysRtcTime:            Friday 2009/01/02 02:03:21
sysServices:           6
Stack sysAssetId:
Unit sysAssetId:

4950GTS-PWR+#show poe-main-status
2019-05-17 12:06:23 GMT-04:00    UTC time: 2019-05-17 16:06:23

PoE Main Status - Stand-alone
Available DTE Power        : 775 Watts
DTE Power Status           : Normal
DTE Power Consumption      : 10 Watts
DTE Power Usage Threshold  : 80 %
PD Detect Type             : 802.3at
Power Supply 1             : Unavailable
Power Supply 2             : Unavailable
Power Status               : 1 - Not Present
                             2 - OK
IP Phone Priority          : N/A
IP Phone Power Limit       : N/A
  • Prior to 7.6.2 release power supply info shows correctly in show sys-info and show poe-main-status output
  • Issue only seen on ERS 4900 switches and not ERS 5900
  • ERS 4900
  • Release
Software defect ERS495900-5373
Upgrade to
Additional notes
There is no functional impact and only cosmetic issue.



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