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ExtremeXOS stops relaying or processing DHCP Discover packets

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TitleExtremeXOS stops relaying or processing DHCP Discover packets
  • EXOS switch stops relaying or processing DHCP Discover after it has initially and successfully handled a random amount of packets
  • The output of the command "show bootprelay" display all counters as "0"
Slot-1 SC01.07A.MIQUELINA.SPO.2 # show bootprelay
Bootprelay : Enabled on virtual router "VR-Default"
Include Secondary : Disabled
DHCP Relay Agent Information Option : Disabled on virtual router "VR-Default"

Bootprelay servers for virtual router "VR-Default":

DHCP/BOOTP relay statistics for virtual router "VR-Default"
Received from client = 0 Received from server = 0
Requests relayed = 0 Responses relayed = 0
DHCP Discover = 0 DHCP Offer = 0
DHCP Request = 0 DHCP Ack = 0
DHCP Decline = 0 DHCP NAck = 0
DHCP Release = 0
DHCP Inform = 0

Note: Default Remote-ID : System MAC Address
* Slot-1 SC01.07A.MIQUELINA.SPO.3 #
  • ExtremeXOS (EXOS)
  • Bootp Relay
Software bug introduced in EXOS 30.1.1
Upgrade the system to EXOS or superior.
Additional notes
  • Please refer to CR Number xos0074765 under "Resolved issues in ExtremeXOS 30.2" section of the release notes.
  • Following is a sample of the mentioned CR Number: 
xos0074765	DHCP stops processing and relaying the DHCP Packets.



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