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Switch Reboot and Core Following Repeated Telnet Attempts

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TitleSwitch Reboot and Core Following Repeated Telnet Attempts
  • Switch rebooted producing two core files following log messages related to telnet error/warnings
CP1 [06/10/19 10:03:38.781:UTC] 0x000305f1 00000000 GlobalRouter SW WARNING Maximum number of login attempts reached for IP X.X.X.X. Lock out for 60 seconds.
CP1 [06/10/19 10:03:39.361:UTC] 0x000e4608 00000000 GlobalRouter SW INFO telnetd: Sorry, Ip locked out.
<NP>000:</NP> 06/10/19 10:03:55.687:UTC] 0The previous message repeated 3 time(s). 
CP1 [06/10/19 10:04:00.693:UTC] 0x000e460b 00000000 GlobalRouter SW WARNING telnetd input: CLI didn't start
IO1 [06/10/19 11:29:48.837:UTC] 0x0027042e 00000000 GlobalRouter SW ERROR Max missed WD feeds for process ssio reached: 0, total missed:3 last timestamp:1987647700026 (000001cec908fc3a)
IO1 [06/10/19 11:29:51.838:UTC] 0x0027042f 00000000 GlobalRouter SW WARNING Aborting process ssio (pid:1778) due to missed watchdog
CP1 [06/10/19 11:29:55.315:UTC] 0x002e8601 00000000 GlobalRouter HCK WARNING Missing heartbeats for process ssio on slot 1
  • Backtrace of two cores
Lifecycle Crash Reporter: Process Name: ssio, Thread Name: main, Signal 6, Slot: 1, PID 1778, LWP: 1778
[bt] Execution path:
[bt] /opt/appfs/plat/lib/io/[0xfc57
[bt] 124]
[bt] ssio(mapCpToCopTable+0x663b)[0x11852273]
[bt] /opt/appfs/plat/lib/io/[0xfd647c0]
[bt] /opt/appfs/plat/lib/io/[0xfd64c7c]
[bt] ssio(user_syskill+0x34)[0x101ef5ac]
[bt] ssio(main+0x124)[0x101eeec0]
[bt] /lib/[0xeefc260]

Lifecycle Crash Reporter: Process Name: cbcp-main.x, Thread Name: main, Signal 6, Slot: 1, PID 1761, LWP: 1761
[bt] Execution path:
[bt] /opt/appfs/lib/cp/[0xa46489c]
[bt] /opt/appfs/lib/cp/[0xa243938]
[bt] /opt/appfs/lib/cp/[0xfd07f14]
[bt] /opt/appfs/lib/cp/[0xfd08014]
[bt] cbcp-main.x(user_syskill+0x20)[0x114bd304]
[bt] cbcp-main.x(main+0x118)[0x1025bba8]
[bt] /lib/[0x96bb260]
[bt] /lib/[0x96bb404]
  • VSP 8400
  • VSP 4850
  • VOSS
  • VOSS
Software defect VOSS-14276
  • Resolved in 7.1.4 release and higher
  • Resolved in 8.0.6 release and higher
Additional notes
  • Issue related to attempted logins from rouge addresses on internet (or local addresses) where TCP connection is left open while the actual access is not occurring and these TCP connections remain
  • ACL's can be used to mitigate rogue connection attempts when node placed on internet outside of firewall



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