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Log message: VIST peer mac learned on non-ist port

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TitleLog message: VIST peer mac learned on non-ist port
Customer observed following error message every 24 hours:

1 2019-06-16T20:47:21.482+02:00 exielc02 IO1 - 0x00138535 - 0004e001 DYNAMIC NONE GlobalRouter COP-SW INFO VIST peer mac 64:6a:52:e3:5d:26 on VID 998 is learnt on non-IST port 3/16, Pointing record back to IST port.Total Peer Mac Move Count: 625432 

There is no network/service impact.
  • VSP4000
  • VSP7200
  • VSP8400
  • VOSS
This is the known SW bug present since 7.1 SW release.


When v-IST peer MAC(any mac in its range), is learnt locally, its considered to be a loop/ or a transient state and the mac is pointed back to the peer. A log messages is generated indicating the same.
  1. Current code does not handle MLT case, wherein if the local UNI side is a MLT, then it prints some invalid port.
  2. Right after boot up, if this condition arises, the log is generated only after the silence window which is 24 hrs which is impractical and does not help much.
The bug is fixed in, 8.0.7 or 8.1 SW release.
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