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ERS 3600 : EAP stopped working with error message "Task tEap will be suspended!"

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TitleERS 3600 : EAP stopped working with error message "Task tEap will be suspended!"

EAP stopped working with following error message on console: 

0x89716b80 (tEap): memPartFree: invalid block 0x746f672e in partition 0x8427cf50. Stack trace: 
81358030 80bf8464 8153fbdc 80bf7b14 8153ffa8 
808a092c 00000001 e4e74935 00000053 00000012 
Task tEap will be suspended! 

This error log had been noticed when a Windows user logoff his session. User get authenticated successfully from radius server and user port was getting RAV but issue reported when user log off the session.

  • ERS 3600
EAP stopped working when usernames with a length of more than 32 characters were used. 
Customer had enabled identity Privacy on windows clients (Fixed username for outer EAP tunnel username) and actual username in the inner tunnel. Outer tunnel username length was more than 32 characters.

BOSS release version included fix  to support more than 32 character in the EAP username
  • Its recommended to upgrade  ERS 3600 to OS release
Additional notes
  • When it logged tEAP suspended message, switch console session hung while running any eapol show command (no output shown).
  •  show running or show tech (hung after showing partial output) and recovered by rebooting switch.  



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