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VSP 7200 can't be upgraded from SW 6.0.x to SW 6.1.x

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TitleVSP 7200 can't be upgraded from SW 6.0.x to SW 6.1.x
VSP 7254XSQ running VOSS v6.0.1.1 can't be upgraded on VOSS v6.1.6.0 or others 6.1.x releases due to detected failed during software upgrade. After second reset the switch revert the same VOSS release that has been used before software upgrade has initiate.
  • VSP 7200
  • VSP4000
  • VSP8000
  • VOSS
Customer performed upgrade with verbose configuration file.
  1. Save current configuration: save config file /intflash/xxx_runcfg.cfg 
  • Check if your new running configuration file is /intflash/xxx_runcfg.cfg , with show boot config running-config verbose :
  • In the output you should see /intflash/xxx_runcfg.cfg in "boot config choice primary config-file place"
  • If yes, proceed with upgrade, if not change it by:
        conf t
        boot conf choice primary config-file /intflash/xxx_runcfg.cfg

       2. Upgrade the system to using /intflash/xxx_runcfg.cfg :upgrade process : VOSS7K. is already in directory /intflash/VOSS7K.
  • software activate VOSS7K.
  • reset
  • software commit

       3. After the system is fully functional:
  • save config file /intflash/xxx.cfg
  • conf t
  • boot config choice primary config-file /intflash/xxx.cfg
  • save config verbose
  • review the config file /intflash/xxx.cfg, which has defaults as well as non-defaults in the configuration
  • boot the system with this new configuration (verbose) with
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