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No BGP speaker listening on peering interface

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TitleNo BGP speaker listening on peering interface
  • No BGP speaker listening on peering interface
  • MLX BGP peering interface ( refusing connections:
$ nc -vv -s 179 [] 179 (bgp) : Connection refused 
sent 0, rcvd 0 
  • show ip bgp neighbor displays the following output:
4   IP Address:, AS: 64512 (EBGP), RouterID:, VRF: default-vrf
       Description: TEST ROUTE SERVER
    State: OPEN_SENT, Time: 10d1h25m19s, KeepAliveTime: 60, HoldTime: 180
    Minimal Route Advertisement Interval: 0 seconds
       PeerGroup: TEST
       Multihop-BTSH: yes
       SoftInboundReconfiguration: yes
       GracefulRestartCapability: Sent
           Restart Time 120 sec, Restart bit 0
           afi/safi 1/1, Forwarding bit 0
           afi/safi 2/1, Forwarding bit 0
    Address Family : IPV4 Unicast 
       Prefix-list: (in) ipv4-allow-all  (out) production-out-ipv4  
    Address Family : IPV6 Unicast 
       Prefix-list: (in) ipv6-allow-all-le48  (out) ipv6-bgp-out-upstream  
    Messages:    Open    Update  KeepAlive Notification Refresh-Req
       Sent    : 2870    0       0         2868         0          
       Received: 0       0       0         0            0          
    Last Connection Reset Reason:Hold Timer Expired
    Notification Sent:     Hold Timer Expired
    Notification Received: Unspecified
    Neighbor NLRI Negotiation:
      Peer configured for IPV4 unicast  Routes
      Peer configured for IPV6 unicast  Routes
    Neighbor ipv6 MPLS Label Capability Negotiation:
    Neighbor AS4 Capability Negotiation:
      Peer configured for AS4  capability
    Outbound Policy Group:
        prefix-list: production-out-ipv4
       ID: 43, Use Count: 1
       Last update time was 671493 sec ago
        LastBGP-BFDEvent:NotActive,BGP-BFDError:No Error
        HoldOverTime(sec) Configured:0,Current:0,DownCount:0
    TCP Connection state: ESTABLISHED, flags:00000033 (0,0)
     Maximum segment size: 8960
    TTL check: 1, value: 254, rcvd: 1
       Byte Sent:   119, Received: 0
       Local host:, Local  Port: 8084
       Remote host:, Remote Port: 179
       ISentSeq: 2060696673  SendNext: 2060696793  TotUnAck:          0
       TotSent:         120  ReTrans:           0  UnAckSeq: 2060696793
       IRcvSeq:  1179010158  RcvNext:  1179010159  SendWnd:       26880
       TotalRcv:          1  DupliRcv:          0  RcvWnd:        65000
       SendQue:           0  RcvQue:            0  CngstWnd:      24376

  • MLXe
  • NetIron OS 5.8.00f code
  • EBGP peering with Ubuntu Linux route server
  • BGP peer-group TEST configured as follows:
 neighbor TEST peer-group
 neighbor TEST remote-as 64512
 neighbor TEST description "TEST peer-group"
 neighbor TEST ebgp-btsh
 neighbor TEST capability as4 enable
 neighbor TEST enforce-first-as disable
 neighbor TEST soft-reconfiguration inbound
 neighbor TEST fail-over bfd-enable
 neighbor peer-group TEST
 neighbor description "TEST ROUTE SERVER"
Generalized TTL Security Mechanism (GTSM) is enabled on the MLX side ( of the EBGP connection but disabled on the route server side (
Disable GTSM on the MLX:
no neighbor TEST ebgp-btsh
Additional notes
Per the 5.8.00d NetIron Routing Configuration Guide, both sides of the EBGP connection either needs to have GTSM enabled or disabled.



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