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VOSS : Trace commands does not show any output

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TitleVOSS : Trace commands does not show any output
Enabled trace commands with verbose level but not output has shows either on screen or trace file.

eg :  LACP Trace 
trace screen enable
trace level 59 3

  • VOSS
There was a "grep" filter applied previously on the switch due  to which traces were not shown.
Trace commands are to observe the status of a software module at a given time. By using  "grep" search trace results for a specific string value, for example, the word error. 
trace grep "00-1A-4B-8A-FB-6B"
trace grep "smlt"
trace grep  "Port 1/2"

To delete the existing "grep" filter use command

trace grep ""

Below example shows enabling LACP traces with verbose level and clears any existing "grep" filter.
clear trace
trace screen disable
trace grep ""
trace level 59 3
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>after few seconds
trace shutdown
show trace file

To see the complete list of supported trace module

show trace modid-list
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