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XMC Anonymous SMTP Email Notifications Fail After Upgrade To or

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TitleXMC Anonymous SMTP Email Notifications Fail After Upgrade To or
  • Alarm notifications fail to be delivered via email.
  • Scheduled reports fail to be delivered via email.
  • SMTP configuration is set for Anonymous (user with no password).
  • Attempting to TEST email delivery functionality results in:
The test was successfully submitted. Please verify the result on the destination system. 

Result: Unable to send E-Mail. 535 5.7.3 Authentication unsuccessful​​​​

Result: Unable to send E-Mail. No authentication mechanisms supported by both server and client.
  • Extreme Management Center (XMC, formerly NetSight)
  • Software Release,
  • SMTP
  • Anonymous
Software defect.
This issue is resolved in Extreme Management Center software releases and

A hotfix is available upon request for any or deployments that can not be immediately upgraded. Please open a case with GTAC support referencing this article.
Additional notes
If the SMTP server returns any AUTH dialects in its server options list then XMC will erroneously attempt to authenticate using the email address configured in SMTP options and fail authentication due to empty password (i.e. anonymous).

There are two workarounds:
  • use of a username (email address) and password for a valid account on the SMTP server if the server support Basic Authentication (AUTH LOGIN).
  • disable any additional AUTH dialects on the server such that the server options list does not contain any AUTH options; this will allow XMC to authentication anonymously.



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