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NEAP phone does not get authenticated

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TitleNEAP phone does not get authenticated
IP phones configured for Non-EAPoL authentication are not allowed on a port.
ERS 3500, 3600
ERS 4800
ERS 4900, 5900

All supported software versions.
The IP phone was statically configured to send tagged traffic with certain VID. The port that the IP phone was connected to, was not a member of this VLAN, hence the MAC learning could not take place (incoming packets would be dropped due to 'unregistered frame filter'). Since the MAC address of the IP phone was never learned, NEAP process could not start.
Either one of the two options will fix the issue:

1. Configure the IP phone to start untagged (allowing the MAC address to be learned), and assign VLAN/tagging to the phone dynamically (LLDP, DHCP option...).
2. Use EAPoL authentication (any EAP method the phone allows) instead of NEAP. EAPoL packets are not caught by the 'unregistered frame filter'.
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