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Unable to add Trusted CA certificate on GUI

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TitleUnable to add Trusted CA certificate on GUI
The option to add a Trusted CA certificate is not available on the GUI. There is the option the update the store is available, which removes all the existing certificates from the trusted store.
  • ExtremeControl
  • SW v8.1.2
Product limitation
The option to install additional CA certificates is not available on the GUI on SW v8.1.2. It is available on release 8.2 and later. As a workaround, install the additional CA certificate to the trusted store via Java Console. Below is the procedure -
  1. Open Java Console
  2. Select "All Access Control Engines"
  3. Go to "Access Control Engines" tab on the right window pane.
  4. Highlight the NAC appliance, right-click and go to "Manage engine certificates".
  5. Navigate to AAA Configuration - Default > AAA Trusted Certificate Authorities > Update Ceritficates > Add CA certificates
  6. Click "Ok" and "Close".
  7. Follow the same procedure for the other NAC engines.
  8. Enforce the configuration. 
From 8.2 release onwards, the option to add additional CA certificates is available on the GUI at
  1. Control > Access Control > AAA > Default 
  2. Click on "Update Trusted Authorities" on the right window pane under "Advanced AAA Configuration - Default"
  3. Click "Add" to add the certificates.

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