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Saving running config causes Dcmd crash resulting in VDX 8770 chassis reload

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TitleSaving running config causes Dcmd crash resulting in VDX 8770 chassis reload
  • Standby Management Modules (MM) is currently booting
  • Issue 'copy running-config startup-config' on Active MM
  • Dcmd crash
  • Active MM reboots (while the standby MM is not ready)
  • Chassis reloads
[DCM-3051], 3201917/386781, M1 | Standby, ERROR, VDX8770-8, Encountered Database Corruption. System going down for auto-recovery.
xecuted operation "operational top copy running-config startup-config" using cli in session id 5745. Result : Succeeded.
[HASM-1200], 386791, M2 | Active | FFDC, WARNING, VDX8770-8, Detected termination of process Dcmd.Linux.powe:3820.
[HASM-1000], 386792, M2 | Active, CRITICAL, VDX8770-8, Daemon dcm terminated. System initiated reload/failover for recovery.
[HASM-1004], 386852, INFO, VDX8770-8, Processor reloaded - Software Fault: KSWD.

  • VDX 8770
  • Dual MM only
  • Fabric Cluster mode only
  • All NOS versions supporting Fabric Cluster mode prior to patch in 7.0.2c
Dcmd crash (Defect NOS-66958)
  1. In this scenario the Standby MM is not ready (currently booting due to another issue)
  2. Saving config on Active MM
  3. Active MM attempts to sync the config to the Standby MM
  4. Config sync timeout causes the Dcmd process to crash and restart the Active MM
  5. As both MMs are now in a not ready state the chassis reloads
  1. Collect SupportSave logs 
  2. Contact GTAC to verify the cause of the Dcmd crash is a match for Defect NOS-66958
  3. Defect NOS-66958 has been patched in NOS 7.0.2c

  • Upgrade to NOS 7.0.2c 


This issue only effects 'Fabric Cluster' mode, it does not apply to 'Logical Chassis' mode
  • Migrate from FC to LC
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