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Unable to upgrade EXOS using VPEX controling bridge .lst file

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TitleUnable to upgrade EXOS using VPEX controling bridge .lst file
When attempting to upgrade EXOS using the .lst file for VPEX, it fails with a no space left on device error.
* X590-24t-1q-2c.2 # download image onie-
Note: The inactive partition (secondary) will be used for installation.
Downloading tftp://
Extracting /scratch/dnld/onie- from tftp://
Error: Cannot install /scratch/dnld/onie- [Errno 28] No space left on device

  • Upgrade from EXOS 30.2, 30.1, 22.7, or lower to EXOS 30.3+ (This is not an issue with the patch releases of 22.7)
  • ONIE EXOS platforms (X870, X690, X590, X465)
The .lst file is too large to be unpacked in the existing scratch partition.
Upgrade EXOS using the .xos image, rather than the .lst. This will enlarge the scratch partition to allow .lst files to be unpacked in the future.

Once upgraded to EXOS 30.3+, either manually install the BPE software xmod file, or simply repeat the process with the .lst file now that the partition has been resized.

Note, this is a one-time requirement, and the larger scratch partition will remain even if EXOS is downgraded below 30.3.
Additional notes
Note, if the installation of the .lst file failed, the file may still be present preventing the .xos file from being downloaded. To remove this, use the following command:
run script "rm /scratch/dnld/*"




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