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Extreme Control BIN-based Upgrade Failure "/opt/nac/saint/saint/config/ No such file or directory"

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TitleExtreme Control BIN-based Upgrade Failure "/opt/nac/saint/saint/config/ No such file or directory"
  • A BIN-based upgrade of Extreme Control (NAC) may fail.
  • The upgrade never completes and a reboot or restart of the Control (NAC) appliance is required.
  • Output from the upgrade may show the following:
Running Access Control Engine upgrade. . .
Extracting upgrade files to: /opt/nac_upgrade
Current OS version is 18.04
Calling pre-upgrade script
64-bit Access Control Pre-Upgrade
Stopping 64-bit services. . .
Upgrading root scripts. . .
Upgrading system files. . .
Upgrading Access Control captive portal. . .
Upgrading Access Control admin portal. . .
Upgrading Access Control proxy redirector. . .
cat: /opt/nac/saint/saint/config/ No such file or directory

  • Extreme Control (NAC)
  • Software Releases,
  • Assessment
An Extreme Control (NAC) appliance that has been upgraded repeatedly over time may include both SAINT 8.x and 9.x Debian packages installed. Removal of SAINT 8.x removed common libraries required for operation of SAINT 9.x triggering this upgrade failure.
This issue is resolved in Extreme Control
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