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High Sustained Memory Utilization After Upgrade To Release and Later

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TitleHigh Sustained Memory Utilization After Upgrade To Release and Later
  • VOSS switches showing higher sustained memory utilization immediately after upgrade to release and later
  • No impact to network performance or services
VSP:1#show khi performance mem  
Command Execution Time: Mon May 11 09:30:33 2020 EDT
         Used: 1483688 (KB)
         Free: 327476 (KB)
         Current utilization: 71 %
         5-minute average utilization: 71 %
         5-minute high water mark: 71 (%) 
         10-minute average utilization: 71 %
         10-minute high water mark: 71 (%) 
         1-Hour average utilization: 71 %
         1-Hour high water mark: 71 (%) 
         1-Day average utilization: 71 %
         1-Day high water mark: 71 (%) 
         1-Month average utilization: 70 %
         1-Year average utilization: 0 %

SMLT socket buffer memory usage 0 KB on 1 blocks
  • VOSS platforms
  • Release and later
Product is functioning as designed
Internal system updates have resulted in a more accurate accounting of memory utilization
  • This may result in a higher baseline memory utilization reported although actual memory usage is not impacted
  • Any network management alarms that are triggered by value should be updated with the new baseline.
Additional notes
  • Reference VOSS-17871 in "Restrictions and Expected Behaviors" of 8.1.5 release notes
  • VSP 7400 memory increase is much lower due to overall increased memory available on platform



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