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Upgrade of the Cloud AP firmware is not working

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TitleUpgrade of the Cloud AP firmware is not working
I have a access point that isn't able to get the latest firmware upgrade.
  • XIQ
  • ExtremeIQ
  • AP
  • Firmware upgrade
  • Firewall
The cause of this problem can be from many different factors. 
Normally in a Failed to Update situation, we want to determine if the issue is with How It's Configured before suspecting Hardware.

To rule out configuration, we can default the AP config and create a Very Basic Network Policy, 1 or 0 SSIDs, Make sure the Native and Management Vlan Match as well as DNS, and see if pushing this update results in a failure as well.

If even a basic network policy fails to update, we can remove an AP then Re-Add it, and try again with the basic template.

Ultimately, if the updates continue to fail, we want to collect capwap debugs

TIP: Enable Debugs, then push the update, then collect Tech Data immediately.

We can review the tech data/debugs, and this will tell us if the ViQ is even talking to AP, and if they are talking, it might tell us why the update is failing.
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