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AirDefense - License Pool Fully Utilized Alarm Message

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TitleAirDefense - License Pool Fully Utilized Alarm Message
AirDefense - License Pool Fully Utilized Alarm Message
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  • License error
A module or modules which draw from a pool of licenses have utilized all the available licenses. Modules will not work or may not work consistently across the entire AirDefense Enterprise application if they cannot obtain a license from the license pool, resulting in limited operation. The specific module(s) that are have used all available licenses in the pool will be listed in the alarm specific details.
AirDefense - License Pool Fully Utilized Alarm Message

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The module or device in violation of the license will be found in either the event details or the device the alarm triggered against. Current license information can be viewed under Configuration > Appliance Licensing (check for installed license type counts here - i.e. how many licenses remaining in pool versus how many in use)

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When triggered this alarm indicates that the referenced AirDefense appliance has run out of active licenses used from the installed license pool.

Mitigation: Order additional AirDefense licenses / types from your Extreme Account Team or Partner
AirDefense - ADSP features-required license modules

Additional notes
Contact GTAC Support for Temporary license until permanent purchased licenses are received:
How to contact Extreme Networks Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC)



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