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XCA Firmware Upgrade to version 5.x results in a license violation

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TitleXCA Firmware Upgrade to version 5.x results in a license violation
  • Upgrade XCA from firmware version 4.x to 5.x results in a license violation.
  • "License warning. Activation key required for this software version. 7 days left in grace period."
  • Extreme Campus Controller (XCA) (aka. ECA, XCC)
  • Firmware Upgrade
  • Firmware version 5.x, 4.x
  • The activation key of version 4.x is not compatible with version 5.x of the firmware. 
  • The XCA 5.x requires a new activation key.
Upgrade the Service Contract

To upgrade the contract to Extreme Campus Controller:
  1. Log into the Extreme Support Portal:
  2. Scroll down to Support Activities and select Service Contract Upgrade.
You have the option to search for the contract by one of the following methods:
  • Adoption Key
  • Activation Key
  1. Select the checkboxes next to the contracts that you want to upgrade.
  2. Select Request Upgrade.
An upgrade email is sent indicating that the migration process to Subscription has been completed.

Go to Support > Support Home > Service Contracts, you will see Request Upgrade next to the contract.

Additional notes
Please, refer to the Extreme Campus Controller Upgrade Service Contract for additional information about the steps necessary to upgrade the contract. 



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