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Linecard reloaded due to Kernel Panic in "hawk_"

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TitleLinecard reloaded due to Kernel Panic in "hawk_"
  • [HASM-1026] - The last reboot is due to Kernel Panic in hawk_.
  • Oops: Kernel access of bad area, sig: 11
  • VDX 8770
  • NOS 5.0.2
LP reloaded due to a Kernel Panic which was triggered by the LP attempting to access a bad memory segment
  • Looking further into the HAWK ASIC no issues were found with: PCI errors, Chip Interrupts, or any other ASIC level issues

Defect Archive shows the following
  • A small portion of similar cases with Kernel Panic on "hawk_" when processing the task "HSLK_TH_IOCTL"
  • All cases pointed to memory corruption and nothing to do with hardware.
  • Several of the defects lead to improvements for HAWK memory handling in NOS 6.x

This Panic appears to be related to SW Memory corruption which was resolved with the LP reload, no HW issue is suspected.
TAC would recommend upgrading to the latest NOS Target Path version
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