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Unexpected reboot Process cliMaster pid died with signal 11

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TitleUnexpected reboot Process cliMaster pid died with signal 11
Unexpected Switch reboot while using a show command with "| grep" or "| include" while "enable log target session" has been enabled.
<Crit:Kern.Alert> Process cliMaster pid <ID> died with signal 11

  • Summit switches
  • CLI process crash with Signal 6
  • CLI process crash with Signal 11
  • cliMaster
Based on core dump analysis, the cliMaster crash occurs when EXOS was printing STP error message in CLI session and at the same time a CLI command with grep option was executed. The cliMaster crash has also been observed while EXOS was printing EAPS messages and SNMP messages. The crash is not dependent upon the type of message being printed due to "enable log target session".
The code fix is expected via the reference number EXOS-27011 EXOS 30.7.1-GA-Oct (2020) is expected to have the fix.
“This is the Company’s current product direction and all future product releases are subject to change.”

The crash can be avoided by avoiding the use of "
enable log target session". As a temporary substitute, real time monitoring of messages should be performed on a separate syslog server.
Additional notes
 CFD (Customer Found Defect) EXOS-27011



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