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VSP 7400-48Y Has Become Loud

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TitleVSP 7400-48Y Has Become Loud
The VSP became louder than expected.
  • VSP 7400-48Y
  • All SW versions
Issue with the HW
1) Ensure the fans are not being restricted and covered.
2) Ensure there is enough space between the VSP and other networking equipment.
3) If needed, pull the switch out of the rack.
4) There could be a piece of equipment that came loose and/or was not properly seated in place. Remove all the fans and power supplies.
5) Put the fans and power supplies in one by one to see which piece of equipment is causing the noise.
6) If there is a piece of equipment causing the noise, replace via the RMA process. 
7) If there is no further noises after all equipment is back in the VSP, monitor.
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