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1G SFP in SFP+ Slot causes LAG Trunk Group Speed of 10000

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Title1G SFP in SFP+ Slot causes LAG Trunk Group Speed of 10000
06/30/2016 15:40:48.58 <Info:vlan.msgs.portLinkStateUp> Port 26 link UP at speed 1 Gbps and full-duplex
06/30/2016 15:40:47.75 <> Port 26 is Down, remove from aggregator 25
06/30/2016 15:40:47.75 <Info:vlan.msgs.portLinkStateDown> Port 26 link down
06/30/2016 15:40:47.70 <> Remove 25 from aggregator 25, since port is at lower speed 1000 than the Trunk Group speed 10000
06/30/2016 15:40:47.69 <> Port 26 is UP with speed 10000, Add to aggregator 25 with speed: 1000

  • EXOS patch1-3
  • Summit X440-24p-10G
  • The above messages are seen in the logs because auto negotiation was ON (on one side of the link) when 1G SFP is plugged into SFP+ slot.
  •  This behavior can be prevented if you turn Auto-negotiation OFF on both sides of the link and hard code the speed and duplex before inserting 1G SFP into SFP+ module.
    configure port <port_number> auto off speed 1000 duplex full
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