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3rd Party 40G/100G Licensing Explanation

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Title3rd Party 40G/100G Licensing Explanation
An explanation of 3rd Party 40G/100G licensing in EXOS.
  • EXOS
  • Summit Family Switches (only those capable of 40G link speeds).
  • BlackDiamond
3rd Party 40G/100G licensing was a feature in EXOS v15.5 that required the purchase of an EXOS feature pack in order to use a 3rd Party 40G/100G optic/cable on an Extreme Switch. This restriction does NOT apply to 1G, 10G optics/cables - only 40G and 100G.

All customers who have purchased an EXOS Switch with 40G hardware ports prior to the release of EXOS 15.5 will be grandfathered in. Customers will be provided with a free 3rd Party Optics feature pack, which will allow the use of any 3rd party 40G/100G optic for the life of the switch.  Please see the resolution below.
3rd-party optics are permitted without any additional license beginning with the following releases:
  • EXOS 15.5.5.x
  • EXOS 15.6.3-patch1-9
  • EXOS 15.7.3.x 
  • EXOS 16.1.2-patch1-1
  • EXOS 16.2.x
  • EXOS 2x.x
If you wish to use a 3rd Party optic, please upgrade to one of the above listed versions (or any subsequent version).  If you are unable to upgrade and still require a license, please contact GTAC for assistance.
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