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MSDP is Disabled After Reboot if BGP is Not Configured

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TitleMSDP is Disabled After Reboot if BGP is Not Configured
  • S-Series reset, 
  • Multicast stops working across MSDP peer
  • SSA-1(su)->show ip msdp peer 

    MSDP Peer, AS 0
     Connection status:
      State: DISABLED, Connection source: loop.0.1
      Uptime: 00:00:00, Messages sent/received: 0/0
     Peer ttl threshold: 0
     The number of SA messages received from this peer: 0
     SAs learned from this peer: 0
     SA Filtering:
      Input (S,G) filter: none
      Output (S,G) filter: none
     Mesh group: none

  • Multicast works if both client and server are on same side of MSDP link
  • Typing the MSDP configuration exactly as it is, resolves
ip msdp peer [ip-of-remote-msdp-device] connect-source [loopback-int]
  • S-Series
  • MSDP
  • Firmware prior to 8.63.07.X  
MSDP is typically configured AFTER BGP.  This causes MSDP to take the AS number from BGP running in the VR context and apply that as MSDP local-as number.
This problem occurs when BGP is NOT configured, because MSDP uses a 'default' local-as number of 0.
This work initially after configuration, but because 0 is the default local-as number for the MSDP entity, the configuration of the as number is not persisted.  After a reboot the AS number is not restored into MSDP.  Without a local-as number set, the MSDP entity will
not become established.

Fixed in firmware
Additional notes
Work Around
If MSDP IS NOT configured 
Configure a BGP instance        
  • router bgp   <AS_NUMBER>>  other
  • exit
(Any four to six digits can be used for the AS number, except, 23456)

Configure if it is MSDP
  • MSDP is configured
  • Remove the MSDP config
  • Configure a BGP AS number 
  • Configure MSDP



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