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S/7100-Series Will Not Recognize 10GB Optic In 40GB QSFP Port

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TitleS/7100-Series Will Not Recognize 10GB Optic In 40GB QSFP Port
S/7100-Series will not recognize 10GB optics In 40GB QSFP ports
  • 7100-Series
  • S-Series
  • Firmware version and higher
  • QSFP-SFPP-ADPT with 10GB Optic
Port speed is set to 40GB mode instead of 10GB mode
      1. Set the 40GB port to 10GB speed which will require a reboot:
7100(su)-> set port speed <PORT_STRING> 10000
Port fg.x.y is currently in 1x40Gb mode and the desired mode is 4x10Gb mode. The port will go down and remain down until module x is reset
​      2. Reset the 7100 switch:
7100(su)-> reset system
     3. Reset the S-Series module:
         reset <slot#>

NOTE: Although a 10GB transceiver may fit into the 40GB QSFP port, it is not the same form-factor and requires a 40GB to 10GB adapter such as part# QSFP-SFPP-ADPT or a Breakout cable
Additional notes
Operational note:

In the 7100G (2x40GB port model) - When changing fg.1.1 to 10gb mode, it forces the other fg.1.2 port to 10gb as it has shared resources, so both ports can either be in 10GB mode or 40GB Mode.  Cannot mix modes between both ports.

In the 7100K (4x40GB port model) - Each FG.x.x port can be independently set to either 10GB or 40GB and does not have the same limitation as the 7100G model switches. 



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