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AAA configuration does not survive reboot for DHCP enabled Vlan

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TitleAAA configuration does not survive reboot for DHCP enabled Vlan
The configuration is saved. After the reboot of the switch the AAA configuration of radius servers is lost ,  there are messages in the log complaining that the IP address is not present.
<Erro:cm.sys.actionErr> Slot-1: Error while loading "etsRadiusAuthServerEntry": IP address <client-ip> is not configured in virtual router "VR-Default" for server 1.

EXOS version 16.1
If the user enabled DHCP on the vlan, then configured the radius server to use that IP address and rebooted. However since the IP addresses will possibly change with DHCP enabled on a vlan,
This will be interfering with the loading of the RADIUS which needs the IP address of the client to be configured at boot. And so the result is AAA configuration is lost after reboot for radius.
Would be highly recommended to only use static IP addresses on vlans that are tied to RADIUS servers.
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