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AP 3756E Won't come up on controller.

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TitleAP 3756E Won't come up on controller.
AP 3765e won't register with controller running 10.11.02
  • C4110
  • AP 3765e
  • 10.11.02
Legacy port that was unused but created by default back when C4110's used to ship with all 4 Esa ports created and with "dummy" place holder IP addresses that were intended to be modified for use if desired ... was still in existence on the C4110 and had been left in place with "AP Registration" enabled on it.

Tailing the log of the test AP 3765e we were using ... showed the AP learning the IP addresses of all the controllers in the WLAN via DNS and then attempting to connect to which was not the IP address of any of them ... but instead was the IP of the "dummy" port with AP Registration enabled.
Disabled AP Registration on the port ... and deleted it from the controller (it was not even physically connected) and the AP registered with the controller right away. After factory resetting the other two AP 3765e's ... they both registered successfully also.
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